Teaching Statement

As an English teacher, it is my desire to help student develop problem solving skills and an understanding of core concepts within language arts. I strongly believe in an educator’s ability to instill a sense of agency in his students. Language arts educators whose curriculum will transfer over into science and math yield great power and influence on the lives of students.


I intend on accomplishing these goals my modeling excellent problem solving skills as well as incorporating new and relevant material in the classroom. I am a firm believer in the use of technology in the classroom, we live in an age where information is incredibly accessible however, it is critical thinking skills that are much less available. I plan to utilize a curriculum heavily focusing on social and environmental movements which require students to address topics from multiple perspectives strengthening collaborative skills as well as critical thinking and problem solving.


Throughout my understudy in Chico, California, I have been blessed with numerous experiences as an instructor. I have co taught several lessons to students at several schools in the area and to students ranging in age from third grade to middle school. I have a minor in physical education and my experience within this teaching environment I believe furthers my understanding of learning as a process that spans all areas of study.

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